… send us yours and we’ll post it.

“This is crazy awesome!!! Thank you for being brilliant!”


S. B.… Thank you. I was great speaking with you. =)

“Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super fast shipping !!!! Great quality great handle.”


“Wow this a great idea really like it. Thank you! Good fast service.”


“It’s a lot beefier than it appeared in the picture. This thing’s stout! Appreciate the handle.”

Jason M.

“I’m really liking my Grapplr handle. It’s working great in my Jeep and now that I put on my Browning sticker it looks even better. Thanks guys.”

Mark D.

“I purchased one of your first handles at Daytona Bike Week. Why didn’t you come out with this earlier. I now have a handle for my YETI that fits on my bikes holder.”

Bill B.




“The only problem I have with the 30oz is the weight and I bet other women have the same problem. Don’t tell me to get a smaller one, it doesn’t hold enough. How about designing one with a strap that 4 fingers would fit in.