yeti rambler cup handle tumbler holder

Now The Grapplr gives you even more choices for a YETI Rambler handle. Click the Buy Now link for even more ways to customize your YETI.

The Grapplr YETI Handle is Now Available
in 3 Colors for your Yeti Rambler 30oz.
Black, Pink and Sea Foam Green.

Yeti Rambler Tumbler Handle Black with Thin Blue LineIf you’re in Law Enforcement or know of someone that is, we offer the Thin Blue Line Yeti handle and the Thin Red line Grapplr as well. Order yours here.

Also check out our new line of Military Themed YETI Handles. We’re starting off with Army Mom and Dads! Check back soon as we work on the other branches.

Installation of The Grapplr onto your YETI Rambler Tumbler

Take your YETI Rambler anywhere with The Grapplr handle.

Take your YETI Rambler anywhere with The Grapplr handle.

Getting a handle on a YETI 30 oz Rambler can be a real issue. People with smaller hands or anyone that wants to constantly hold the cup have felt the same discomfort. We’ve solved that problem by creating TheGrapplr. It not only provides a great grip but also:

  • Will fit in any cupholder the YETI Rambler can
  • Securely holds your YETI Rambler at any angle
  • Features a replaceable handle
  • Constructed of stainless steel and ABS plastic
  • Won’t rust or corrode in damp or salt environments
  • Made In The USA
ducks unlimited yeti handle

The Possibilities to Customize your Yeti Tumbler are Endless. 
Duck’s, flowers, wildlife, monogrammed initials … you name it!

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